Sanando // Medical Tourism

From May 2012 to February 2013,
Final diploma project, L´École de design Nantes Atlantique

During the project, research was carried out on 3 fields namely: Medicines in India, Medical tourism and psychology. Medical staff such as doctors, patients, attendants and international Managers were also interviewed. These resources were further fueled with help and nuanced understanding received from articles, encyclopedias, theses, studies, reports and movies. Accounts of visit to medical facilities in India have also been captured.

The relevant key points found out are the difference between traditional and modern medicines and the importance of the psychology and of the communication in the context of Medical Tourism. Furthermore, India takes a huge place on the Medical Tourism stage that leads to a good economical aspect and benefits for the country’s economy.

The conclusive finding of this thesis was that communication and its the «feel-good» factor for the patient are the very key nodes in the context of Medical Tourism. It is this learning that I have tried to explore in the project in coming up with solutions that would facilitate this.

My project is Sanando, which is a Social Network to help people/patient/attendant to exchange between them. It is easier to exchange information, to have trust and to believe people who have the same problem, the same experience (or will have the same).The word-of-mouth is the best tools of communication.

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